What is included with a groom?

  • a scheduled appointment for admissions to discuss and confirm your requests
  • Pedicure
  • Ear cleaning (not treatment)
  • Shaving of excess hair around footpads
  • Sanitary cut for cleanliness
  • Warm and relaxing bath with coat specific shampoo and conditioner
  • Fluff or hand drying
  • Clip as per owners request (matted pets excluded)
  • Warm towel for lying back and relaxing
  • Bows or bandana  

Not ready for a full groom???

We also have bath and brush services.

Please note that all pets must be healthy and current on their rabies and Bordetella Vaccines. If any medical concerns are identified at the time of grooming you will be notified and we will await your instructions to proceed.

Please book your appointment by calling the office at 726-8002 and ask to speak to Jaycee directly regarding an appointment. Better yet, email grooming@simcoevet.com (no next day appointments with email).

Gift Certificates available for groom/spa day!!! The purr-fect gift for your furry friend.

Don't have a furry friend? Give a gift to someone else's furry friend!!!


What about cats?

It is strongly recommended that cats with matted fur be shaved down as their skin is very thin, rips easily and dematting is very painful. Imagine trying to brush out dreadlocks, OUCH!

Ask about the many different styles of cat cuts. Regular brushing with a slicker brush or a comb for the long coat breeds can prevent your cat from developing matts. To cut down on dander try regular bathing. It is sure to make your feline feel purr-fect, but do not forget to dry your friend as wet fur can cause matting or worse, illness.

Never let your wet kitty out in the cold. Using a hair dryer on low heat and low speed will dry them up in a flash. Do not want the hassle? Give us a call and book your feline an appointment. They can enjoy a bath and a brush out here, with no mess or stress to you.


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