Dear Jaycee,

Thank you for taking such good care of me over the years. I am due to have my 5th birthday in June and have never looked better. You have groomed me since I was a baby and I always enjoy my day at the spa. I leave smelling and looking wonderful (if I do say so myself). My mommy and daddy know that I am in good hands when I am with you.

Love always,


Dear Jaycee,

My mom started taking me to Simcoe Vet about 4 years ago. It was there we met Jaycee''..wag wag''''. Jaycee gives me lots of TLC and Paw terrific care for all my grooming needs that leaves me looking Canine picture perfect'''. Mom and I both really appreciate her care and Simcoe Vet environment we get. I would say come have a day at the spa for a nice bath, grooming and a nice pup pa cure aka '' manicure translated in canine terms. Well as in canine terms ''...woof woof we bark at you later Jaycee and see you soon.

Thank-you for your awesome care.

Love dogguide,


To Jaycee,

I love my spa day with Jaycee @ Picture Perfect Pet Groom. Jaycee has been grooming me for 6 yrs and I started out at 9 weeks old. My mom says when I come home I am so VERY CALM and clean and smell so good.

Thanks Jaycee!

Love Darby Cambell

Hi Jaycee,

I just wanted to tell you I get so happy when my mom tells me I am going to see you. You do such a good job with my bath and hair cut. I get so much attention and lots of love and I get to see the rest of my friends.When my mom tells me we are going I beat her to the car every time and do a little dance.

I love you!

Tao Sharp

Hi Jaycee,

I did not have fun coming for my first hair cut because my family was not with me, I was shaky and scared to be in a place I have never seen before. Once I saw how fun Jaycee made my first experience I couldn't wait for the next time I could come. My coat feels so silky smooth and fluffy when I go home after my groom. Behind my ears felt great after Jaycee had brushed out some of those tangles. I thought my family cuddled me alot before.. but after having a bath, brush and trim done, they couldn't leave me alone! Thank you Jaycee, you really made me feel great after the first hair cut I had with you. Now I look forward to many more that I will need (after vacation at the cottage- you know how much I love to go swimming and roll in the dirt!) "


Leila Achtermeier


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